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Welcome to American Consultants Rx
 American Consultants Rx Inc. works hard to supply much needed assistance to consumers who are looking for a way to cut costs on prescription drug  ,medical and life insurance cost .

Due to the rising costs,unstable economics,and the mounting cost of prescription drug cost , American Consultants Rx Inc.(a.k.a ACRX & ACIRX) an Atlanta based company was born in 2004.

Since the creation of the American Consultants Rx discount prescription card program, over thirty million discount prescription cards have been donated to over thirty five thousand organizations.Organizations have utilized this program in an effort to assist the uninsured in the communities in dealing with the high cost of prescription drugs.


As an additional request from doctors,clinics, and social welfare directors across the country the  ACRX cards can also be downloaded by clicking on FREE ACRX CARD  and printing a card that is  already pre-activated. All pharmacies involved will honor a copy of the ACRX card. We have also made new arrangements now available in English and Español  where any individual can discover what the cost of their medicine will be with the card as well as what store in their area offers the best discount.

Click on the Drug Pricing and enter your zip code and search.Type in your medicine and a box will open and then find your medicine and milligrams,click on it,then click on add to list and the prices will come up. There is also a mail order section which the ACRX card offers discounts as well, that is located under drug pricing. 

All organizations and individuals  will also be able to place an order for cards online by clicking on the Free ACRX Card request section.The ACRX cards will offer discounts of name brand drugs of up to 40% off and up to 60% off of generic drugs.They also possess no eligibility requirements or expiration date as well. One card will take care of a whole family and can be used multiple times at over 50k chain pharmacies like Walmart,Walgreen,Eckerds, Kmart,Kroger,and many more. In the  year 2007  American Consultants Rx  donated over 20 million American Consultants Rx  discount prescription cards which were distributed among 20k social welfare programs, non  profits, clinics, hospitals, churches,etc. throughout the country. It should be noted, while many companies place a cost on their discount prescription cards, American Consultants Rx does not believe a cost should be applied to assist our fellow Americans. 

So we ask that you help us pass the word about our site and program to others who may benefit. We at American Consultants Rx  will continue to strive to inform and assist those in need.

Charles Myrick                                                        President/CEO



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 **Click on ACRX Recognition Gallery today and discovery the humanitarian video series created by Charles Myrick of ACRX.

"There are a lot of organizations that are doing an extraordinary job in the community but are usually overlooked. I want to educate and inform briefly through my video series about some of the organizations I have encountered (through the ACRX humanitarian program) doing a great job in the community!"-Charles Myrick -President/CEO 

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Delegate Supports Distribution of Prescription Cards
- (Washington, DC, April 18, 2007) — Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen said today that she continues to support the distribution of the discount prescription drug cards being issued by American Consultants, Rx (ACIRX) (Read More)



"Kmart Pharmacies have always looked for new ways to serve our customers, to earn their trust, and build life long relationships.  We gladly accept the American Consultants Rx prescription discount program at all Virgin Islands Kmart pharmacies, as well as the over 1100 Kmart pharmacies in the US." stated, Dale Purvis, Director - Third Party Administration, Sears Holdings Corporation.